Promote on Facebook

Promote on Facebook


Facebook is the most popular SNS site, apart the traditional advertisement, there are many useful promotion method for free.

With the following 6 steps, you could promote your sale rapidly. Creating a great account, adding the right friends, create valuable content, make the content popular, communicating skill, and the promote skill. Because we do cheap Korean clothes online wholesale, I will describe those steps by standing at Drop shipping Monogram Bags and also for Trends Stuffs wholesale.


The first: Create your great account, marking identify

For this steps, because my business is Monogram Bags and Trends products online wholesale, when I create the account, I select an significance photos by a Monogrammed Products as my profile photo, thus, most users will impressed by my account as Monogram Bags wholesale site, then, by the introduction I introduce my advantage such as, Real factory and ready stock Trends Stuffs wholesale, ship the order in 24 hours, 100% quality guarantee, lower price for shipping and Bags and my contact detail by E-mail or Phone Number and the most important, I leave my shop’s URL

My account info example as following:


New Concept of Monogram Blanks,Popular in USA and Europe

Lower Price, with 100% quality guarantee

12 hours leading time, 7 days arrived all over the world

70% off discount as maximum

Why did I do that, because I just want to be friend with my potential customers? The reason is simple, Almost all of the Monogram Blanks buyers, will be interested in such account, because they are also finding the supplier, when such user find you account, they maybe send friend request to you, and for other users, by avoiding the disturbing of the spam, they won’t receive such friend request even you send many times.


The second: Adding the right friend, find out your potential customers.

When I have my account, I will type in “Monogram” to search, then I will find many users from fans page, groups to personal users, or I will type in Monogram Shop to search, then I will find many pages, groups, and personal users as Monogram shop, all of such users will be my potential customers, because all of them will be interested in Monogram and Trends Stuffs or Maybe they are doing such business. Then I will join the pages, or groups, and find out the active members, request them as friend, and request directly other shop users friendly.

As we all knew, there are millions of users on Facebook, so you must understand who will be your potential customers, who will be interested in your products or service, then you can reduce the spam information rate, and your valuable content will be more popular. Fortunately, such users can always be found by some keywords.


The third, Create valuable content, attract your potential customers

With my friends rising, I must keep updating on my content, to make them learned more detail of my products, by the same reason of Monogram Blanks and Trends Stuffs wholesale, my contents, always be photos, more photos, more visits, Our Designers Teams always make trends stuffs and make photos, and create an album named by the date and style, by my experience, Cute and Fashion Trends will be more attractive for sale on internet, and will edit our service in the album introducing box, such as


Don’t set minimum order limitation,

Ship your order in 24 hours,

Wholesale, Drop ship, Retail are all supported,

PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, T/T are all accepted

100% Quality guarantee

More styles please visit

And the description of the style will be also very important, I will leave the item name, price, color, URL, etc and the Contacts information should be left also, because if some one who want to contact with you by other IM, the will meet some trouble.

By doing this, I can use the acceptable way to promote my service by maximum, because almost all of my friends are interested in Monogram Blanks and Trends Stuffs, even thought they won’t shop it at this time, they will contact us when they want, and please remember, the album should be named by the style and upload date, thus all of your friends can visit the album smoothly, or they will be confused by which one is the latest, or what is the subject by this album etc. and the URL will be important also.

Because for different industry, the case will be a little different also, for example, if you offer shipping service, then photos should not be the first choice for you, but the blog articles should be. But the line should be the same: you should promote your service by the acceptable way of your friends.


The fourth: Promote your content

General speaking, if your content is valuable, it can spread on Facebook by itself, but I think the some promotions should be necessary, my usually approach is to tag, this function of Facebook is so powerful, once you tag of your friend, them all of his/her friends will know he or she was tagged on some articles or photos, then if some one of them is interested in such content, will repost it on her wall or share it, it will run on and on. Besides this, the traditional way by sharing, and inbox messages should be necessary also, but all of them are less powerful then tag.


The firth: Communicate skill,

All of the works are for this, and then if some body need your product, you should reply them in time, first you should answer the reply for the album or blogs, second, if someone liked your contents, you should thank them, and for the one who want to order you should give your help. It’s very simple, but you should be impatient enough


Some other skills, make your promotion more effective

There are many skills, simple and useful, but I think Groups, Fans Page, and leave the contact way enough will be the most effective, how?

Create a group and invite the user who ordered from you to this group, once there is some new policy they can get the info from this group and they can request some reasonable request in this group.

Fans Page: the fans page is the unlimited friend member’s user account, so you can enlarger your success by fans page. Most important, it’s you can promote it via Facebook advertising system.

Leave the IM account as possible as you can, MSN, G-TALK, Online support etc.


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